The cocoon destroys the idea of evolution and points directly to a designer . . .

Evolution according to the non-creationists is false.

Here is why.

Look at the butterfly and let her teach you. The butterfly lays an egg. The egg gives birth to a caterpillar not a butterfly. To become a butterfly the caterpillar will have to undergo a METAMORPHOSIS. If this is not a huge chink in the armor of evolution I don't know what is.

So how is this caterpillar going to change? First it is going to have to spin a cocoon. Do you think this organism thought, "Hey I would like to fly so somehow I am going to have to produce a material to make a cocoon, enter it and somehow I'll say the magic word and presto change-o I now have wings?"

Oh no, the evolutionist says it happened by chance. Really? If I am going to have to enter into their dream about this, I think I would first believe the caterpillar before I believe these "highly intelligent" evolutionists.

The cocoon destroys the idea of evolution and points directly to a designer; that being God who has originally made claim to this creation - thank you.

You see it's like a person that wants to change the color of their skin by getting a tan using mechanical means such as the tanning bed. But hey, you have to first design and build the contraption which when completed serves the INTENDED PURPOSE.

The evolutionist would have you believe that these things in the universe happened by chance and it all started with a big bang. Well, let's try and meet these change artists half way.

We'll assume all the parts of the tanning bed are in existence and we'll let the evolutionist tell us what are the chances that if we put all the pieces of the tanning bed in one place and blow them up it will all come together as an authentic tanning bed? Do we have to blow them up one time, ten times, a million times? The wise evolutionist would have to answer this is foolishness, but this is the very thing they teach and even on a more grand scale. The sarcasm of the smart caterpillar above is a better argument.

Since the caterpillar is a non-reasoning organism there is only one other explanation. That behind every design is a designer. Even the fact that I did not call this caterpillar a "creature" but an "organism," no scientific scholar would disagree that it is at least this.  Then by necessary implication an organism which has organized parts to its existence leaves us with the only one solution. God Almighty intelligently designed and created the butterfly with all its intricate wonders of existence.

It is much easier to believe in an all knowing, all powerful God who brought about the heavens and the earth than to believe in the foolish imaginations of the supposed power of non-intelligent chaos these evolutionists dream up.

How can anyone miss it and not understand? Even the very first verse of the Bible settles the argument, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." Genesis 1:1 NASB